Corrections of the Falconry Regulations

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Today we published the attached clarifications and corrections of the falconry regulations. Because many states are working on updates of their falconry regulations, you need to be aware of these changes. After these changes become effective, I'll create a Word file with the updates, which I will send to anyone who requests it.

The only significant change, in my opinion, is for take and possession by Apprentices. Though you may not have known it, the few restrictions on Apprentice take and possession (other than eagles and T&E species) are based on our list of Bird Species of Conservation Concern.

That list changed last year, so the species that Apprentices may take from the wild or possess is also changed.

Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah were approved to begin operating under the new federal falconry regs. That change takes effect today, although implementation in Utah won't actually begin for a few weeks. I'll continue to work with the States to review their regs and work on a regulations update for next year.

If your State intends to operate under the new federal regulations next year, the State will need to have its regulations in place and have the materials requesting the change to me by 1 September. This year, I will not approve the change for any State that doesn't have the new regs in place.


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