General Membership Information and Dues

Mail payments to:

American Falconry Conservancy
P.O. Box 530597
Henderson, NV 89053

Membership Categories and Criteria.
a. Regular Membership. Any falconer – neither antagonistic nor detrimental to the association or its purpose – of good moral character and over the age of 17 years, may become a Regular Member of this organization.
b. Affiliated Membership. Any falconry or raptor trapping organization having purposes complementary or similar to those of this association may become an Affiliated Member.

Admission to Membership.
a. Admission to all categories of Membership shall be within the discretion of the Board of Directors.
b. Applicants for Membership shall submit a completed Membership application form, the contents of which are to be determined by the Board of Directors, along with dues.

Dues - Current Annual dues are $30 for 1 year, $75 for 2 years or $125 for 5 years.
a. Annual dues shall be established in amounts recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by a two-thirds vote of the Regular Membership in a vote by mail in the same manner as prescribed for amending the Constitution and By-Laws.
b. A late fee shall be incurred by Members if dues are not paid by March 15th of the current year, the amount of which is to be determined by the Board of Directors. Timely payment is important for budgeting purposes, Member’s inclusion in directory, Member’s receipt of publication(s), Member’s timely receipt of mailings of the association’s functions, etc.
c. Dues shall be payable to the Treasurer in the association’s name at the time of submission of application for Membership, or, in case of renewals, between January 1st and March 15th annually.
d. Dues shall not be apportionable for any part of a calendar year, either upon admission to or termination of Membership.

Duration of Memberships.
a. Upon payment of annual dues, Membership shall extend from calendar year to calendar year, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with these By-Laws.

Section 5: Termination or Suspension of Membership.
a. Membership may be terminated by resignation or death of the Member (to include dissolution of the association in the instance of Affiliated Membership).
b. Affiliated Membership may be terminated for such cause and in such manner as, in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors, is in the best interests of the association.
c. Membership will terminate automatically if not renewed by payment of prescribed annual dues on or before March 15th annually.
d. Regular Membership may be suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors if, in the sole judgment of the Board, such Member has violated the By-Laws, rules or regulations of the association, or if, in the sole judgment of the Board, such Member’s status, activities, or motives are prejudicial to the best interests of the association. Such suspension or termination shall be imposed only by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Board of Directors; provided that a statement of the grounds for such action shall be sent by certified mail, postage prepaid, to such Member at his address on file with the association at least 30 days before suspension or termination action is taken by the Board; and, provided further that such statement shall advise the Member of the scheduled date of Board action and that he may, prior to that date, submit to the Board for its consideration any matters in explanation, defense, extenuation, or mitigation. Actions by the Board with respect to suspension or termination shall be final and shall not be subject to ratification by or appeal to the Regular Membership. The provisions of this subparagraph are not applicable to Board Members and Officers of the association. Board Members and Officers first must be removed from office as hereinafter prescribed prior to any suspension or termination of Regular Membership status. While in a suspended status, a Regular Member shall not be entitled to vote, serve as a Director, or hold office.